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President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia leading a coronavirus meeting by videoconference at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow on Tuesday. Sputnik, via Reuters By William J.

It said the pathogen was a germ weapon designed to incapacitate and kill. Analysts say that President Vladimir V.

Putin of Russia has played a principal role in the spread of false information as part of his wider effort to discredit the West and destroy his enemies from within. But the repercussions are wider.

An investigation by The New York Times — involving scores of interviews as well as a review of scholarly papers, news reports, and Russian documents, tweets and TV shows — found that Mr. Putin has spread misinformation on issues of personal health for more than a decade. His agents have repeatedly planted and spread the idea that viral epidemics — including flu outbreaks, Ebola and now the coronavirus — were sown by American scientists.

The disinformers have also sought to undermine faith in the safety of vaccines, a triumph of public health that Mr. Putin himself promotes at home. The Russian president has waged his long campaign by means of open media, secretive trolls and shadowy blogs that regularly cast American health officials as patronizing frauds. Of late, new stealth and sophistication have made his handiwork harder to see, track and fight.

Our lead story this week is an investigation into Wagner, the Russian mercenary company, including some previously unreported details about its foundation. We also have: highlights from our interview with controversial Belarusian escort Nastya Rybka and her sex coach, Alex Leslie, who have just spent 9 months in jail; the inside story of a lobbying effort to lift U. Read the highlights below, or check out the article on our site for all the details and background. Barlow was a senior figure in the South African security forces in the s but, when the apartheid regime began to fall apart, he set-up Executive Outcomes, a security company that became the model for U.

Even so, the State Department recently accused Russia of using thousands of social media accounts to spread coronavirus misinformation — including a conspiracy theory that the United States engineered the deadly pandemic. Since the founding of the Russian network inits videos have received more than four billion views, analysts recently concluded.

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Image An electronic billboard in St. Petersburg in March advised passers-by to avoid crowded places. Sandra C. Quinna professor of public health at the University of Maryland who has followed Mr. Putin served in the K. He worked in foreign intelligence, which required its officers to spend a quarter of their time conceiving and implementing plans for sowing disinformation.

What Mr. Putin accomplished is unclear. But public accounts show that he rose to the rank of lieutenant coloneland that his year tenure coincided with a major K.

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The K. Byfake news stories had run in 25 languages and 80 countries, undermining American diplomacy, especially in Africa. After the Cold War, inthe Russians admitted that the alarms were fraudulent. Putin has embraced and expanded the playbook, linking any natural outbreak to American duplicity. Attacking the American health system, and faith in it, became a hallmark of his rule. At first, his main disseminator of fake news was Russia Todaywhich he founded in in Moscow; in it was renamed RTobscuring its Russian origins.

A new investigation into Wagner, Russia’s private mercenary army

Early ina particularly virulent flu, named H1N1, swept the globe, and thousands of people died. That year, the network featured the conspiratorial views of Wayne Madsena regular contributor in Washington whom it described as an investigative journalist.

In at least nine shows and text bulletins, Mr.

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Madsen characterized the deadly germ as bioengineered. That June, Mr. Madsen accused it of creating. In a follow-up showMr. Madsen became a regular on-camera guest. In Mr. Putin added the military to his informational arsenal. His newly appointed head of the Russian Army, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, laid out a new doctrine of war that stressed public messaging as a means of stirring foreign dissent. That same year, a shadowy group of trolls in St.

C.D.C. in the cross hairs

Petersburg began using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to fire salvos of junk information fast trading robot millions of Americans. The goals were to boost social polarization and damage the reputation of federal agencies. A rich opportunity arose in when Ebola swept West Africa.

It was the worst-ever outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever, eventually claiming more than 10, lives. The network profiled an accusation by Cyril Broderick, a former plant pathologist, who claimed in a Liberian newspaper article that the outbreak was an American plot to turn Africans into bioweapon guinea pigs, and cited the AIDS accusation as supporting evidence.

Petersburg amplified the claim on Twitter. In latea rash of fake news reports falsely claimed that an Ebola victim in Liberia had been flown to Atlanta, starting a local outbreak.

A YouTube video showed what it described as C. The deceptive video included a truck bearing the logo of the Atlanta airport. A rush of tweets turned up the volume. Ebola is everywhere! This time the claimed perpetrator was Dr. The tweets quoted him, falsely, as saying he had designed the pathogen to depopulate humanity.

The trolls cited a websiteWorld Truth. Its video attacking Dr. Gallo registered nearly four million views. Their studyof hundreds of black men in Los Angeles who have sex with men, reported that nearly half the interviewees thought the virus responsible for AIDS had been manufactured.

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Putin has been a staunch proponent of vaccines. At a televised meeting with doctors in St. At the same time, Mr. Putin has worked hard to encourage Americans to see vaccinations as dangerous and federal health officials as malevolent. The threat of autism is a regular theme of this anti-vaccine campaign.

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The C. Nonetheless the false narrative has proliferated, spread by Russian trolls and media. Moreover, the disinformation has sought to implicate the C.

For years, tweets originating in St. Petersburg have claimed that the health agency muzzled a whistle-blower to hide evidence that vaccines cause autism, especially in male African-American infants.

Living weapons

Medical experts have dismissed the allegationbut it reverberated. Its American arm, founded inis located in the center of Washington, D. RT America echoed the charge. When the film was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival after a public outcry, the network aired an interview with its creators.

Russian trolls fired off tweets containing links to the film and a fund-raising site for its promotion. The virus, especially in infants and young children, can cause fevers and brain damage.

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Last year, according to the C. The new threat The Moscow site that retweeted the coronavirus blog in February belongs to a Russian news outlet called The Russophile.

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It is tauntingly bold. The author portrait on its Twitter page shows an unidentifiable soldier in green fatigues holding an orange tabby cat. The background image is a colorized Kremlin mosaic. Linvilla Clemson University oleg gerasimov how to make money from home who uncovered the retweets, said of the Russophile address.

The site epitomizes the complicated nature of the new threat, parts of which have evolved to become more open, while others have grown stealthier. Linvill, a professor of communications who has studied millions of troll postings. The players, he said, probably include state actors, intelligence operatives, former RT staff members and the digital teams of Yevgeny Prigozhin, a secretive oligarch and confident of Mr.

Petersburg troll farm. Image Mr. Putin and other officials on a visit to a coronavirus emergency call center in Moscow last month. Pool photo by Mikhail Klimentyev The new brand of disinformation is subtler than the old. Linvill and his colleague Patrick L. Warren have argued that Mr.

Putin’s Long War Against American Science

Much of the disinformation, like the Russophile site, lies hidden in plain sight. But other elements embody a new sophistication that makes it increasingly hard for tech companies to ferret out the interference of Russia, or any other country.

Experts say that Russian trolls may even be paying Americans to post disinformation on their behalf, to better hide their digital fingerprints. That response echoes an iron rule of disinformation.

Chasing millions

As Oleg Kalugina former K. It recently declared that the coronavirus was devised by Washington as a designer weapon meant to cripple China. Putin has disseminated false and alarming health narratives not only about pathogens and vaccines but also about radio wavesbioengineered genesindustrial chemicals and other intangibles of modern life.

Analysts see an effort not only to undermine American officials but also to accomplish something more basic: to damage American science, oleg gerasimov how to make money from home foundation of how to make 600 thousand quickly prosperity. American researchers have won more than Nobel Prizes sinceand Russians five.

As Dr. Quinn of the University of Maryland put it, Mr.